YEG To The World

by Tam

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released June 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Tam Edmonton, Alberta

Professional Athlete slash Rapper, Tam has managed to turn heads from World Famous DJ Green Lantern to Choclair with his debut Mixtape #BeatsAndBurgers boasting over 13,500 downloads on Datpiff.
Now, highly anticipated, Tam releases his first Album, YEG To The World, set on continuing the upwards trend on his music career. Check the album here for free streaming and download!
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Track Name: Avalon Knights feat. Jay Banger [Prod: Kaz Mega]
Verse 1:

Rap's got every kid on the street thinking they're a poet
Linguistic skills is something that you all poor with
Talent you're not poured with
You're playing a role
Doing a line dance
On that "Shake rattle n roll"

Thinking that you're artistic
Talking like autistic kids
Who only talk about Molly's
And slanging this dick,
to this bitch
In this whip
And this trick
For rich kids
You're poor?
Then u missed it!
Wrong gear on the
Stick shift!

So its not different
Something you aint convinced with
And scared to release it
Its probably some weak shit
Or cloned industry shit
With A B C rhymes
And you rapping about some shit we've heard like hundreds of times
And I aint frontin like I'm a 100% something different
Just telling 99% of yall that I'm better
That's Tactical force
I was forced to learn that
Money Power Respect?
I was forced to earn
Fuck a Ego with no sense
Its like flexing your muscles with no pause
And wondering why are you so tired?

Rappers that's en vogue
If you're really the real
Why don't u it like Don and "Gimme something I can feel"
Teaching sons to be killers
And daughter be they hoes
& "You don't love them hoes"
So I gotta juxtapose
When my daughters grows up
I'm finna be like Liam Neeson
Then I wish a nicca would
So I could finally just kill some! Blow!

Verse 2:
You wonder why the music we make is called crack?

Cause drugs sell themselves, fiends they come back

Now everybody think they a dealer but we are addicts cause now a days its cool to steal a hit

Demographics changed
The game aint the same

U used to be able to make some money off of the raw
But now u gotta water it down Its like a law

Cause crack heads now a days aint really where the money at
the recreational drug users will pay for a package

And they aint out here taking it raw, they couldn't hack it

So the middle man will steal from the culture and get rich

And that's just the half of the money path

Remember the crack heads are stealing your shit

So you gotta battle that and give em hit after hit

Till they black out and now they can't live without yo shit

Hallucinating, thinking ur the real of the real

U en vogue now, so give the people something to feel
But they numb

You took N out and give em the D
Its easy to C
In the paint, it be what it be!

Till the hip hop police come in!

Writing niggas off for the beat come in
Bunch of dicks All the do is be coming

To stop anybody from having an income
And that's real rap
So tell me if u want some!

Verse 3: (Jahi Banger Williams)

They done shot Sean Bell..
50 times like..nigga go to hell..
he didnt even reach for his cell..
just a day before his wedding
they done shot Treyvon..
now everywhere I go I got my hoody on!
Gotta watch out for what your name on dat resume say...
cause Mohammed Al-Akbar aint getting no job today..
over David Smith...
homie its real shit..
another black man starvin back to robbin them quickie marts in...
wifey think he gotta nite job..
going hard,the bills bumpin like his throbbing..
square head..oblivious to the streets watching..
damn well been better off if the cops had knocked him..
but when dat youngin stopped him..
like where you from?..
before he could even stu-stutter..
their go the gun.
why papa aint come home?
why mommy can't sleep?
No matter how hot it is its cold in them sheets
Its just a sample
of an example
I seen too many times
Just gotta learn how to handle
So let my flow burn somethin like a candle
You could never blow out
the examplary vocabulary too real for you to throw out
Its Mathematics
Back at it, like a addict with a crack habit